Lane T. Davidson
LTD Design & Photo
Photographer, Illustrator, Designer

Photographer, Illustrator, Designer


About Me

As a graphic designer, and photographer, I bring an interesting skill set to my work in both areas. From Brochures to Weddings, logo design to portraits, and much more. I can help you achieve the look and style you want and deserve. Please take a look through my gallery and see examples of what I can do for you.

A Brief History

With a Degree in Print Communications, from Kirkwood College in 1997, and over 14 years in professional experience. I have taken every opportunity to grow and expand my craft through freelance and continuing education classes.

Up Coming

With photos and art the world moves faster and faster. So fast now that photos and video are almost completely related in story telling. With video there are many opportunities to make your story telling more dynamic and full, that is why I'm excited to offer video and video editing for all events.
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